Bucherer AG Internal Auditor (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Others  |  Luzern
Bucherer AG (Junior) Content Manager E-Commerce (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: E-Commerce  |  Luzern
Bucherer AG Category Manager Perlenschmuck (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Purchase  |  Luzern
Bucherer AG Uhrmacher (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Service post sale (watches)  |  Bern
Bucherer AG Senior ICT Supporter (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Computer Science  |  Luzern
Carl F. Bucherer, a brand of Bucherer AG Uhrmacher SAV (m/w)  | Type: Part time  | Scope of function: Service post sale (watches)  |  Lengnau
Bucherer AG Horloger  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Atelier (watches)  |  Genf
Bucherer AG Verkaufsberater (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Sale  |  Zürich
Bucherer Deutschland GmbH Leiter Servicemanagement (m/w/d)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Service post sale (watches)  |  München
Bucherer AG HR Management & Project Assistant (m/w)  | Type: Full time  | Scope of function: Human Resources  |  Luzern

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